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Recent online articles include:

Web site: www.performanceprograms.com, 1999 - 2009: Marketing and educational content for for human resources consulting firm, Performance Programs, Inc. Wrote extensively about personality assessments, 360 feedback, employee surveys, and other assessments for the workplace. Implemented a complete e-commerce system, including a shopping cart, mailing list, and inquiry system.

Newsletter: Human Resource Measurement News, 2004 - 2009: Online newsletter of Performance Programs, Inc. Published six times per year. See reader comments.

Blog: surveyfeedback.blogspot.com: Performance Programs' blog 2004-current.

Web site: www.npedge.com, 2004-2009: Created and maintained content for nonprofit job career-testing site.

Newsletter: The Business Partner, founder, editor and principal writer, March, 1988 - December 1991. This monthly newsletter was targeted to software marketing executives who joint-marketed with the IBM field sales force. Published by Sentry Publishing, Westboro, MA.

Book: Competing for Employees: Proven Marketing Strategies for Finding and Keeping Exceptional People, coauthored with Paul M. Connolly, Ph.D.,1990, Lexington Books

Other articles:

National Business Employment Weekly of the Wall Street Journal, November 15, 1991, "How to Benefit From Career-Assessment Tests."

Engineering Horizons

Fall 91 Edition, "The Value of Career Testing"; Women's Edition 91, "An Interview with Jill Baylor, President, Society of Women Engineers" ; Women's Edition 90, "A Woman Engineer's Vision" ; Fall 90 Edition, "What Engineers Need to Know About the Marketing Department"

Minority MBA

Fall 91 Edition, "Find New Markets In Your Own Backyard"; Fall 90 Edition, "Finding Your Niche in Marketing"


Fall 91 Edition, "A Question of Fit"; Fall 90 Edition, "Does Your R&D Have Shelf Life?"

The Culpepper Report

November 1988, "Do You Expect Too Much From Your Marketing Department?"

General Interest Articles:

1974 – 1987 Numerous general interest publications in local newspapers and boating magazines.

Employee Opinion Questionnaires Reviews:

  • Mike R. Plummer, Organizational and Human Resource Consultant, Jacksonville, FL: "The Connollys' latest book on employee surveys is an outstanding reference for survey practitioners (like myself) as well as for those who may be doing their first survey... I'm really impressed with this book and pleased to add to my reference library on surveys". (from Amazon.com)

  • Matt Damsker, editor, HR Innovator Magazine, January, 2005: "… HR professionals can make good use of the sort of organizational snapshot that a good employee survey provides... One solution to this is the ready-made questionnaire, and now there's a compilation of 20 proven surveys for HR..."Employee Opinion Questionnaires: 20 Ready-to-Use Surveys That Work"... Most helpful of all is the included CD-ROM …"

Newsletter Readers' Comments:

"Very rich material!" Claudia M. Shelton, The Hopewell Group

"Congratulations on your ever improving web-site and newsletter!" Jack Keogh, President, JackKeogh.com

"I read them regularly and find them very informative." Dr. Miles H. Overholt, Riverton Management Consulting Group

"I think the presentations are great. They have just the right amount of information and answer the most frequent questions." Halima Ghani, Independant Media Corporation

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Short Employee Surveys Book

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Employee Surveys BookEmployee Surveys Questionnaire Book

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Employee Survey Book Package

Book Package Reviews:

  • Jay from Omaha, NE United States: Our medical practice wanted to implement a comprehensive employee survey, and previous surveys done by practice management consultants seemed to create more bad than good. The survey book and guidebook by Connolly and Connolly provided good advice and a ton of sample questions. I was able to prepare a 100-question survey from scratch in about six hours. The Connollys' advice about prescreening the survey with employees was also helpful; it helped me weed out some poor questions, add some better ones, and created a starting point for employee support of the survey. We will launch the survey in a few weeks to our 110 employees . If you don't have thousands of dollars to spend on a survey firm and want to make a first try in-house, this seems like the resource you need to have. (Amazon.com)

  • Claudette Bujold-Poirier from The Jackson Sun, Jackson, TN, United States: "PPI's employee survey package is excellent! Period. First and foremost, it provided what was most important to us ... a reliable and valid instrument. The rest is pure gravy. It's easy to use, easy to follow, and has useful real-life examples. Our team confidently put together a 24-question survey, in a relatively short period of time, and used the feedback method recommended to deliver results. We'll use it again for our follow-up survey. I highly recommend it." (Amazon.com)

  • Dr. Israel Helfand, Cabot, VT, USA: We could easily see how Employee Surveys and the Guidebook 'bring it all together' and could be a valuable aid to our programs in promoting a learning organization.

  • Julie Dauria, Cheshire, CT, USA: The guidebook is written in user-friendly language and is very comprehensive. It gives you all the tools you need to conduct an employee opinion survey. (Amazon.com)

  • Robert DeLisa, President, DeLisa Consulting Group, Old Saybrook, CT, USA: ...a great resource manual for us...I'll feel on safe and steady ground using it to counsel my clients... (Amazon.com)

  • Ruth M. Brennan, Ph.D., President, Business Intelligence Quest, Trumbull, CT, USA: The only aspect of employee surveys that this new book...does not provide is doing the employee survey for you. (Amazon.com)